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Congratulations to the biggest losers of the 2014 Battle of the Buildings competition 

Bigest Losers 2014 Infographic

What does it take to be crowned the biggest loser? Hear from Sara Damm at Muskegon County, Bruce Anderson at JSJ Corporation, and Michael Lunn at City of Grand Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plant on WGVU Radio.

Read stories on each of these companies & find out how they did it.  Click here to link to the GRBJ supplement published on April 20, 2015

Entertainment Category
1st Place:  The Pyramid Scheme Reduced 7%
2nd Place:    Odawa Casino Reduced 5%

Education Category
1st Place:  Pierce Creek Foundation Visitors Center Reduced 2%

Office Category
1st Place:  JSJ Corporation Reduced 13%
2nd Place:  Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber Reduced 1%

Medical Category
1st Place:  Metro Health Reduced 2%

Public Buildings Category
1st Place:  Muskegon Area Transit System Reduced 9%
2nd Place:  City of Grand Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plant Reduced 2%

Senior Living Category
1st Place:  Porter Hills Reduced 13%
2nd Place:  Porter Hills Village Reduced  4%

Other Category
1st Place:  Nichols Reduced 7%
2nd Place:  River House At Bridgewater Place Reduced 6%


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