2014 Biggest Losers

Congratulations to the Biggest Losers of the 2014 Battle of the Buildings Competition


Bigest Losers 2014 Infographic


Entertainment Category
1st Place:  The Pyramid Scheme Reduced 7%
2nd Place:    Odawa Casino Reduced 5%
Education Category
1st Place:  Pierce Creek Foundation Visitors Center Reduced 2%
Office Category
1st Place:  JSJ Corporation Reduced 13%
2nd Place:  Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber Reduced 1%
Medical Category
1st Place:  Metro Health Reduced 2%
Public Buildings Category
1st Place:  Muskegon Area Transit System Reduced 9%
2nd Place:  City of Grand Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plant Reduced 2%
Senior Living Category
1st Place:  Porter Hills Reduced 13%
2nd Place:  Porter Hills Village Reduced  4%
Other Category
1st Place:  Nichols Reduced 7%
2nd Place:  River House At Bridgewater Place Reduced 6%




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